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There isn’t any list. Its an understanding between EA additionally the Sims developer. I really believe you could make use of custom content in game. But i actually do perhaps not know without a doubt. I have maybe not been aware of any specific types of custom content getting used into the game. I’ve been aware of the custom content into the Sims 2. For example, in Sims 2, you might put custom furniture within your house. However, you could maybe not use customized textures in the furniture.

You can put custom furniture within the custom content element of your Sim’s home. However, you can perhaps not utilize customized textures regarding customized content. The Sims 4 mods are a giant supply of inspiration for you really to make your own things. You can install mods and make them your own personal. You could make your own content as well as sell it for profit. When I drag the picture file to your picturecontent folder, it doesn’t can be found in the mod, and I also get a mistake message.

I attempted deleting the picturecontent folder within the primary zip file and simply dragging the image file straight into the contenttextures folder – that did not work either. I am trying to make this mod as facile as it is possible for individuals to put in, therefore I’d prefer to keep carefully the photo out of the main zip file, and simply have it loaded to the contenttextures folder. Will there be an alternative folder that i ought to be placing it in? It is kind of confusing, but I’m uncertain what is happening.

I am guessing that I don’t have the folder in right destination, or it’s being deleted by my computer before I am done adding content. You aren’t making the overall game, so that you cannot make any changes to it. And game can not be changed. The game is defined in stone. It’s supposed to be played exactly the method its supposed to be played, no other method. To include a custom texture, all you have to do is create a folder as part of your primary zip file, and name the file “contenttextures” – this is exactly what it looks like within the zip file.

To include a custom image, all you’ve got to complete is add a folder known as “picturecontent” within the zip file – it’s this that it seems like within the zip file. If you’re unsure of how to get customized content to work well with your mod, you can contact me personally, and I also will give you all of the information you will need! Therefore, i’ve a folder inside the contenttextures folder called picturecontent. I have a photo file known as “DancingwithSimsLenaSims4.jpg” when I try to place it in there, We get the message: “information maybe not discovered.

The file was renamed to %contenttextures/picturecontent/DancingwithSimsLenaSims4.jpg” Just what exactly performs this mean? If you are a customized content creator, your content is not custom content secure, even if it is only put on the official forums. Which means that you should not use your custom content on your game, or wear it the forums if you are wanting feedback. You have read my head! I happened to be gonna ask the same thing inside thread that got deleted.

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